Every DAY…..
1 Corinthians 7: 29- 31

“Time is SHORT (29)…This World is PASSING AWAY (31)”

….We Know time is short, but we don’t always know how short it is. Psalm 89:47 says;
“Remember how short my time is.”

For those who know JESUS as Savior, our life in CHRIST extends throughout Eternity — We have Heaven and all of eternity to spend with our SAVIOR and Lord (and all of our Loved ones who died KNOWING JESUS as Savior).

So tell all your loved ones that you LOVE them…as often as you can….if your near them, Hug them …My brother Manny (April 19, 2021, My Cousin Chela Calves (August 28, 2021) and my dearest friend Deborah Latham (February 2, 2022) are all Home with Jesus.

It’s a brief separation for us left behind. GRIEF Is hard to deal with yes even for believers…but with God and our Christian families beside us….we will get through it….one day at a time. Resting on the promise of Romans 8:28.

But we have a brief allocation of time on earth, and we don’t have a certain promise of even another day. Let’s make the most of the moments GOD gives us.

Let’s not fritter our time away with endless diversions and passing distractions. Let’s aim to Live purposefully, making the most of the opportunities because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16)

Let’s take advantage of every moment and every day for CHRIST and HIS kingdom. AMEN !